Recipe: Rock sugar Chuanbei lemon cream

Home Cooking Recipe: Rock sugar Chuanbei lemon cream


The aunt of the next house gave a bag of lemons, just like the Chuanbei in the house, they were stewed. (*^ω^*) Chuanbei has the effect of moistening the lungs, relieving cough, relieving phlegm, clearing away heat and removing phlegm. Cough, such as hot cough, hot cough, lung fire cough. Chuanbei has antitussive effect, expectorant action, antihypertensive effect, and has certain antibacterial effect. Chuanbei is mainly for hot cough, such as getting angry, cold, lung heat, but if it is cold cough, it is snow with Chuanbei. The simple dialectical method is to see the color and thickness of the sputum. The common feature of the fever cough is the thick yellow color of the cough, and the cold cough and the virtual cough are not suitable. Otherwise, the cough symptoms will not improve. Even worse, it will aggravate the condition (┯_┯). Lemon is rich in vitamin C, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, quinic acid, citric acid, malic acid, hesperidin, naringin, coumarin, high potassium And low sodium, etc., is very beneficial to the human body. The effect of lemon peel is stronger than that of citrus. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which can relieve phlegm and relieve cough. For bronchitis, whooping cough, loss of appetite, vitamin deficiency, heatstroke and other symptoms, it is a "scurvy" nemesis. It acts like a natural antibiotic to the human body. It has many functions such as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and enhances human immunity. Usually, you can drink hot lemonade to maintain your body. ^^O^/. Rock sugar Chinese medicine believes that rock sugar has the effect of moistening the lungs, relieving cough, clearing phlegm, and bonfire. It is also an auxiliary material for brewing pharmaceutical wines and stewing supplements. Rock sugar has Buzhong Yiqi, and stomach lungs, cough and phlegm, phlegm and thirst, clearing heat and reducing turbidity, nourishing yin and fluid, antiperspirant and detoxification, etc., can be used to treat qi deficiency, lung heat cough, sputum blood , yin deficiency and long-term cough, dry mouth and throat, sore throat, children's night sweats, wind and fire toothache and other diseases drip ^ ^ O ^ /. Therefore, the above three are stewed and have a good therapeutic effect. (≧▽≦)(≧▽≦)(≧▽≦) Recommended for people who smoke regularly, stay up all night, and teachers, customer service, etc.



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