Recipe: Roasted

Home Cooking Recipe: Roasted


Bake a 12 kg turkey, good... tired... ah... But with this ceremony, the end of the year is complete. Fu Tang, Apple, all bode well. The bright tone of the photo conveys the hunger for a smooth journey to 2012. Refer to Sina's sweet and honey South breast apple roast chicken. The following details were modified: the oven temperature was lowered to ensure the tenderness of the meat, and a bowl of hot water was placed in the oven. 100 ml of cooking wine was added to the baking tray, which was covered with tin foil during the baking process and added. Some operational details. The turkey made by this recipe is already fragrant in the oven. When eating, the sweet taste of the chicken skin is close to that of the Beijing roast duck. Even if it is completely cold, there is no turkey smell. It is highly recommended! Baked is about 2 pounds of chicken, my turkey is 12 pounds, although it is a small man in the turkey, but compared with the chicken she used, it is definitely a giant! How do you keep the big guys so fresh and juicy? It is a big challenge for me. . . Based on the experience of the past roast turkey and the sturdy recipe, I made some changes and tried, but fortunately it was successful! When M cut the turkey for dinner, he made several exclamations of "Wow,,, wow!" The turkey in 2011 was unprecedented in my experience, thank you for sharing!



  1. Refer to the weight-to-time correspondence on the turkey packaging, or defrosting in the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator 2-3 days in advance, or even squeezing into the cold water and changing the thawing frequently. I am taking the latter

  2. Put all the seasonings into one big wrist and mix them with a manual egg beater with a rubber spatula

  3. Take the thawed turkey out of the package, rinse it out inside and out, dry it, put it in a large bowl, pour the marinade, put on the glove and use the marinade to repeatedly lick the turkey to make it taste.

  4. Seal the large basin with tin foil and marinate it for a night at a temperature close to the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator. 8-12 hours, flip every few hours.

  5. After the turkey is pickled, fill in the filling: cut the apple into small pieces, roll it with the chestnuts in the marinade, and fill in the turkey. Note: Fillings are filled in from the neck and stomach. Fill it up loosely, don't squeeze it. The skin at the neck of the turkey is thin and does not stick to any meat. If you don't fill the filling from the neck, the skin there is easy to burn.

  6. Cut off the excess skin from the turkey neck and seal the neck with two toothpicks to prevent the apple from falling out during the operation. Do not remove the binding line on the turkey leg. After the roast is finished, move it to the plate and take it again.

  7. Double-layer tin foil and grill are placed in the baking tray, the chicken breast is placed upside down, and a little olive oil is brushed on the surface. Put the two sharp edges under your legs to prevent scorching. After the oven has warmed up to 325F, put the baking tray in the lower layer of the oven. I baked it from 8:10 in the morning to 12:30 in the morning, nearly four and a half hours. Of course, this time contains the turkey every half hour. Time to remove the brush marinade

  8. Add some cooking wine to the baking tray, about 100ml. After baking, put a bowl of boiling water in the oven. Cover the turkey with tin foil, no need to pack it. In order to color, the last one and a half hours do not need to cover the tin foil. But you should check it out. If the part is too heavy, cover it with a small piece of tin foil.

  9. If the color is not enough, you can add honey to the marinade properly when brushing. Look at the last hour every ten minutes, adjust the coverage of the baking sheet and tin foil if necessary - after all, spend a lot of time to make turkey, carelessly burnt is very beautiful scenery

  10. Use a nail thermometer to insert the inside of the turkey thigh. If the chicken temperature reaches 185F, it is cooked.

  11. Decorated with blessings, grapes, parsley and rosemary, you can debut.

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