Recipe: Rice vinegar soaked ginger bud

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice vinegar soaked ginger bud


Diet therapy to remove spleen and stomach deficiency type edema Spleen and stomach deficiency type edema: small abdominal stomach or even whole body swelling Rice vinegar (gastritis, stomach acid, don't drink vinegar, stimulate the stomach): nourish the stomach Ginger (eat tender ginger rarely gets angry): warm spleen and stomach, dampness Salt: into the kidney, nourishing kidney yang



  1. The ginger is washed, controlled to dry, and cut into pieces.

  2. Take a small bowl or other container, add ginger, and pour in rice vinegar.

  3. Adding a little bit of salt is actually an introduction.

  4. Pour the rice vinegar without the ginger buds, and put the mouth seal in a cool and dark place for one month.


At 7-9 in the morning, it is the time when the human body qi and blood flow into the Yangming stomach. At this time, eating ginger is just a matter of stomach and promoting digestion. Ginger is a mild warming, can speed up blood flow, has a refreshing effect, if you get up in the morning, your brain is not awake, groggy, and 1-3 slices of ginger will make you feel good after morning meal.

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