Recipe: Rice noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice noodles


Steamed pork is also called rice noodle steamed pork. Its practice includes Luwei powder steaming, Sichuan flavored pork steamed meat, E-flavored steamed pork, and Hunan-flavored steamed pork. I made this steamed pork, the practice and taste are closer to Luwei, because our family usually prefer Lu cuisine, especially the steamed pork. The meat in the steamed meat is best to use pork belly, which is fat and thin. The finished product steamed with this meat is eaten in the mouth without the firewood and the meat is soft and rotten, and the entrance is instant. Steamed meat seems complicated, but it is simpler than frying, frying, burning, frying, and stewing. Treat the bought meat, slice it, and marinate it. Marinated space, fried rice, cool, crushed. Then put them together, put the wrapped rice pieces in a bowl and steam them on the pan. Ok, you are waiting to eat.



  1. Wash the meat, clean the fur, and prepare other materials.

  2. Heat the pot with medium heat, put rice, pepper, star anise cinnamon, stir-fried until the rice is light yellow, pour out to cool, remove the octagonal and cinnamon instead of pepper

  3. Pour the cool rice into the grinder and grind it into a coarse powder.

  4. Cut a large piece of 8 cm thick and 4 mm thick

  5. Put the sliced ​​meat into a bowl, add soy sauce, cooking wine, sweet noodles (with 50 grams of water to adjust the average), sugar, onion ginger and fried star anise, cinnamon to a uniform, marinated for more than 60 minutes (middle turn a few times), make it evenly flavored

  6. After the meat is marinated, pour out all the marinade, pour in the rice flour and mix well. Each piece of meat should be covered with powder. Prepare a shallow bowl (smear a little oil), put the pieces of meat in order, not too tight between the pieces of meat, the skin is placed in the bowl down, not too tight between the pieces, preferably in the shape of a fish scale. Add more water to the pot, put the bowl into the cage and cover the lid. After the fire is boiled, turn to medium heat, steam for 60 minutes, and take it out into the tray.


1. Steamed rice noodles, sold in supermarkets, all kinds of flavors, the disadvantage is that the powder is too delicate, and the taste is not chewed and grainy; 2, you should pay attention to two points to make rice noodles, one is to slow down and fry, don't fry; the second is not to grind, the hand feels a little rough and feels the best; 3. If there is no grinder at home, the fried rice can be crushed with a rolling pin; 4, it is best to apply a little oil before the bottom of the steamed meat, so that it is not easy to stick when it is buckled on the plate; 5, it is best to use a slightly shallower bowl when steaming, so that less time, cooked thoroughly; 6, steaming time to see the size of the bowl, generally about 80 minutes for large bowls, 60 minutes for small bowls; 7, like spicy, which can be put in the Pixian bean paste or red pepper in the rice noodles.

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