Recipe: Rice cooker version mushroom mushroom rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cooker version mushroom mushroom rice


Simple and delicious!



  1. Soak the rice wash water for half an hour (lazy people can save this step), and cut the potato diced, mushroom diced, carrot diced, potato diced water to starch, cut chopped green onion, minced garlic.

  2. Add the appropriate amount of vegetable oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, sauté the chopped green onion and add the chopped potatoes, mushrooms and carrots. Add the appropriate amount of soy sauce and salt.

  3. When frying until the potatoes are half-boiled, add the soaked rice, add the appropriate amount of sesame oil, Laoganma chili sauce (the friends can also add other sauces or sausages, cooked meat and the like according to their own taste).

  4. After one minute, pour all the ingredients into the rice cooker. Add the same amount of water as the rice (if the rice is not soaked in advance, add as much water as in peace).


There is no need to fry the rice made by the small partners. In fact, this meal is very simple and convenient, and you can do whatever you want. You can decide the taste and practice according to your own preferences. I wish everyone a good appetite!

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