Recipe: Rice cooker version

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cooker version


The dried pot dish is named after the hot pot. It is said that its prototype is from the ancient Miaojia cottage in Guizhou. At that time, the villagers usually had a "fire pit", which is a small round pit formed in the center of the kitchen. When you entertain guests, you will put firewood or charcoal in it, then put on a wok and stir-fry the delicious dishes to show the grandeur. And the iron pan on the "fire pond" was stir-fried, and it took a long time to form a dry pot dish that was popular in the north and south of the river.  The ingredients of the dried vegetables are very casual. As long as you like them, you can put them in it until you stir it until you scent it. Recently, I saw a gourmet darling in the food show. I don’t need to dry the pot. I just use the rice cooker that every household has to make the best dry chicken in the pot. I don’t have to put a drop of oil. You can make an excellent flavor like a dry pot. It’s really exciting to think about it.  This novel approach is not only delicious, but also easy to operate. Just put the marinated chicken nuggets into the rice cooker liner with the onion segments and press the cooking button to turn the chickens every 20 minutes. Face, a total of three times (must be turned over three times, otherwise you can not make the taste of the dry pot flavor, every time you open the lid flip is also a process of concentrated release of excess water, otherwise too much water is pheasant When you want to completely evaporate the excess water, you're done. It's really convenient. Even the novice chefs can easily mess up. It's a must-have. The rich dry pot flavor is even more memorable for you to eat, and you can try the children's shoes that love the pot dishes. If you are excited, try it!



  1. Wash the broiler chicken and pour it into pieces

  2. Put in the pot, pour in the bacon and grab it by hand.

  3. Marinate in a freezer for 30 minutes

  4. Wash the green onions and cut into large sections, tiling at the bottom of the rice cooker

  5. Then put a layer of ginger on the onion

  6. Put the marinated chicken nuggets and the chicken skins down on the ginger slices.

  7. Cover the lid of the rice cooker and choose the cooking button

  8. After 20 minutes, press the heat button to open the lid

  9. Then use chopsticks to turn the chicken on the onion ginger

  10. Press the cooker button again after closing the lid

  11. Repeat 3 times in total

  12. The dried chicken in the pot is ready to eat, and the rest is placed in the pot.


1. To put a layer of onion and ginger in the rice cooker, it can not only enhance the fragrance but also prevent the bottom. 2. When putting the chicken pieces, put the chicken skin down, so that the fat in the chicken skin is melted, and the taste of the chicken in the dry pot is enough. 3. Be sure to turn the chicken crust once every 20 minutes by turning on the lid of the rice cooker. Repeat three times in total. Flipping can make the chicken pieces mature and even, and the lid of the rice cooker is also a way to concentrate the release of water vapor every time. Otherwise, too much water can not be volatilized, and the flavor of the dried pot is excellent.

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