Recipe: Rice cooker apple hawthorn sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cooker apple hawthorn sauce


I think that jam is a magical thing. Fruits deteriorate in a few days and can be made into jam to continue life. Some fruits that are not eaten well can be turned into a magic after being cooked into jam. Moreover, it is also possible to wirelessly arrange and re-create limited fruit types, and never get tired~



  1. Hawthorn washed with salt water, diced, apple peeled diced

  2. Put all the flesh into the pot, put a third to half of the flesh of sugar and a little bit of salt, add water and not more than half of the flesh, cook

  3. When you start to thicken, start stirring in one direction and stir it to the right concentration.


Hawthorn and apples are very rich in pectin, suitable for heating, but it takes a day to save the glue. The layer of transparent Q that is formed on the surface of the jam is pectin~

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