Recipe: Rice cake fried sea crab

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cake fried sea crab



  1. First wash the crabs, (because I am ready to buy in the supermarket, so I can wash them directly), shell and cut in half.

  2. Then put the rice cake in hot water and boil.

  3. Cut the onion, slice the ginger, cut the onion

  4. Pour the pan into the oil. Pour the ginger slices after the oil is hot. Stir fry, then take it. Sea crab, pour in. Stir fry for a little while. Pour the rice cake into it and fry it. After that. The rice wine is poured in, the vinegar is poured in, and the soy sauce is poured and poured. Salt, chicken essence is put. Continue to stir fry. Add half a small bowl of hot water. After frying for a while, close the pot. Sprinkle with green onions


Don't put too much salt. Because the soy sauce is put out, the salt should be put less.

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