Recipe: Rice burger

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice burger


Eat annoyed traditional burgers, how about changing the pattern? To make rice burgers, it is a very fresh experience. The meat is melted into the rice, and the refreshing vegetables, the oriental fast food rice burger, is a process of enjoying and eating.



  1. Rice soaked for 4 hours into the rice cooker steamed, the amount of water should not be too much

  2. Put the steamed rice into a round omelet mold and compact it to make two pieces of hamburger embryos. You can also use a round bowl.

  3. Put the prepared rice burger into a baking tray, apply a layer of olive oil on the surface, add black sesame seeds, and bake in the oven for 200 minutes.

  4. Western lettuce is peeled and washed, tomato is washed and cut into thin slices, and eggs are taken for protein.

  5. Stir the beef with a cooking machine, add chopped onion, egg white, pepper powder, chicken powder, salt and mix in the same direction, use a omelet mold to round the beef patties, or put the cooking gloves on the hands. Molded, the size is consistent with the rice burger embryo

  6. Add a little oil to the frying pan, add the oil to the beef cake and fry it.

  7. Make a slice of baked rice burger embryos, and then lay the lettuce leaves, beef patties, tomato slices, and finally cover another burger embryo.


Most Japanese food movies are cured, and family and love are spread out in the aroma of food, just like the bowl of hot soup that the mother gave you, the ingredients and practices that are unchanged for a long time, just because of the warmth. Taste and seasoning, people will never tire of it, they will only scream and finish, and their faces will be red and say: "Come on another bowl!" "Snail Restaurant" is also a film about food. The process of watching a movie is like a transparent body snail crawling through the skin, slow and silent, but with temperature and texture, the thoughts will become warm and sticky, even I suspect that the small restaurant that opened at the foot of the mountain was once visited. And about this movie, what I think of is a very illusory thing - ideal. Ideal, I am afraid that it is a word that has been abused. It seems to be only suitable for the propositional essays of primary school students. If you talk to an adult seriously and seriously, you will probably be considered a different kind. Once people learn to bear, the purpose of survival is nothing more than three meals a day, wives and children, too many people are put into the reality of the mold to do things, no one can escape, no one can complain, the heart of the ideals of the collapse Years may have been forgotten. So it seems cruel to talk about ideals with people who are struggling for life. Because before the ideal is realized, everything can only be a dream. So I remembered one thing. In that year, I went to live in a strange city. One day I found a small note on the bathroom door of the rented apartment, which read, "You still remember what your ideal restaurant looks like. "When I look at this line of words, I have stood for a long time. Who wrote this?" What kind of person is it? It was not until a certain day that I came out and saw that the downstairs was originally a large-scale restaurant group. Many hotels were connected together and occupied the whole street. So suddenly, the tenants who left the note, want to be a progressive young man, he may be the chef, foreman, waiter of this hotel, ideal to open a restaurant of his own, so write this sentence in the bathroom In order to urge themselves not to forget the ideal. So I began to fantasize. If this is a dramatic story, perhaps there should be such a development: the young people are desperately working, and finally have the ability to quit the job and open up a decent restaurant with accumulated experience and money. The diners are like clouds, and they have realized the boss dream from scratch. But the reality version of most people is: they are too hard to work, they are cold-eyed, and the meager salary can't afford the basic life of the city. It is better to return to their hometown, and the content on this note may have been forgotten. The heroine of "Snail Restaurant" is lucky, and she also has an ideal to open a restaurant. At the moment closest to the ideal, years of savings have been taken away by ex-boyfriends. God always takes the best around you and tells you that this is life. After experiencing this catastrophe, Lunzi could no longer speak. But her ideals did not go out, "I want to open a restaurant!" She wrote this sentence on paper to tell everyone, and finally Lunzi opened a snail restaurant with the help of her mother's secret, and she moved with her heart-cooked food. A lot of people, so they said: After eating the food made by Lunzi, the ideal will be realized. Ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. But the mottled real life needs such a rich and warm story, even if it is fake, even if it can never be honored. Because the ideal is fascinating, the people who insist on the ideal are admirable, the stray singer in the subway, the desperate artist who lives by selling paintings, the traditional folk craftsman who insists on the tradition, the independent art institution that is not assimilated by the business...the world is too much Temptation, some people can endure loneliness, like the gorgeous crystal lamp on the ceiling of the snail restaurant, which illuminates the ideal light in the barren life. May God bless those who persist in their ideals.

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