Recipe: Rhubarb rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Rhubarb rice


The family likes glutinous rice bran, but because glutinous rice is not suitable for the elderly, children and people with bad stomachs. Although it is okay to eat less, it is difficult to guarantee that only one or two pieces are eaten for the food you like. In order to satisfy the appetite and not affect the body, I thought of using rhubarb rice instead of glutinous rice. Rhubarb rice can be sticky like glutinous rice for a long time, and it is warm and suitable for all kinds of people. The point is that the taste is not lost to glutinous rice. Even eating a few pieces will not have a feeling of being difficult to digest, and there is no burden on the stomach.



  1. Wash the rhubarb rice for more than ten hours, wash and peel.

  2. According to the practice of glutinous rice bran, the rhubarb rice is filled into the oysters.

  3. Put it in the rice cooker, add the water that has not been rubbed, and add rock sugar according to your preference. Choose the stew option for two hours. The rice cooker automatically enters the heat preservation state after the end of the operation, and then maintains the insulation state for one hour. I have been bored for more than an hour.

  4. Pick it up and slice it. Sprinkle with honey and sprinkle some flowers.

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