Recipe: Refreshing sputum

Home Cooking Recipe: Refreshing sputum


This dish is learned from my sister. It is very simple, but the seasoning is very good, especially when the season is too greasy. This small fresh salad is the best appetizer. Choose it!



  1. 1. Wash lotus roots, peel and cut slices, ginger shredded, dried chilies into two halves.

  2. 2. Boil the boiled water and smash the smash to the broken.

  3. 3. Quickly remove the bracts into a sealed box, add salt, sugar, ginger, white vinegar, dried chili, and cover, and shake quickly to mix well.

  4. 4. Put in the refrigerator for more than two hours.


The sputum should be as thin as possible, and the time of drowning must not be too long. It can be short-lived, otherwise it will affect the taste. Seasoning is free, but white vinegar and sugar can be slightly more, the specific amount is determined according to their own taste. The sputum can be put in the refrigerator for one night at night, and the next day is more delicious.

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