Recipe: Red sausage (octopus small sausage)

Home Cooking Recipe: Red sausage (octopus small sausage)


This dish was made when I saw the late-night canteen last year. Weibo saw that the forwarding of the kitchen suddenly remembered that I had done it before, and it was passed on.



  1. Cut the sausage into two pieces and cut the sausage into the shape of the octopus with a knife or scissors.

  2. Put a layer of oil on the pan, pour the sausage and fry, and the octopus-shaped feet will be tilted up.

  3. Fry until the sausage is red.


You can eat it directly, or you can sprinkle a little black pepper. It is suitable for both eating and serving. I am a Taiwanese sausage bought in a steak shop online. It is just red in color. If you can buy a TV series, you can buy it. That kind of red sausage is better.

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