Recipe: Red pepper stir-fried cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Red pepper stir-fried cabbage


I have been to Chengdu once and tasted a lot of local cuisine. What I have been obsessed with is the “Fried Lotus White”. The lotus flower that is full of delusions is actually a cabbage. A freshly-baked lotus flower is served on the white end of the table. At first glance, the leaves that are torn into large pieces show its roughness. Look again, the red peppers show its domineering, look closely, and the peppers in it are proving to you. This is a Sichuan cuisine. It tastes salty and spicy, and it is very refreshing.



  1. Wash the cabbage leaves, tear them into palatable pieces for use, first simmer the peppers, peppers, then quickly put down the cabbage, stir fry, and finally put salt, vinegar is good.

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