Recipe: Red pepper fried meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Red pepper fried meat



  1. Slice the lean meat into the bowl, add the starch and mix evenly for a while.

  2. Wash the red pepper, remove the stalk, and cut it; the ginger and garlic are cut into strips and slices.

  3. Put the oil into the oil and heat it, add the ginger and garlic, stir fry a few times and add the lean meat; when the lean meat is fried to white, put the red pepper, stir fry a few times and add the soy sauce, salt, water, rice wine, and cook over low heat. Just a moment.


After adding lean meat and starch, you can make it more salted. During this period, you can catch other things, such as: cutting vegetables, cooking rice or something. If you don't want too much soup, you don't need to add water.

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