Recipe: Red oil pig ear

Home Cooking Recipe: Red oil pig ear


The Chinese love to eat and eat, and the Chinese dare to eat. You said that flying in the sky, swimming in the water, running underground, I am afraid that we have not let go of anything. The American people are a brave and free-loving nation. If you count from the history of European colonization in North America, there should be a history of 500 years. They originally came from all over the world. They were formed by many different cultures, races and religions, and they were formed through a long period of coexistence. So the Americans are now The diet is absolutely diversified. However, there are some mountains and seas in the eyes of our Chinese people. I am afraid that I am afraid that I will not eat it for 500 years. Bird's nest, shark's fin, bear's paw, and abalone are high-end foods, but you can't eat them! What people say is not unreasonable: Is bird's nest awkward? Swallow's nest is the slobber's saliva! Who loves the saliva of others? ! The old things that lead the way are not dare to eat. Think about it, if a roasting pig with a big orange in his mouth is placed in front of Da Laomei, he might think of the way the piglet is alive and kicking, and what kind of appetite to enjoy the food, Amen, they will feel too cruel to this pig. Let's have a profound and profound Chinese food culture. Don't talk about meat. Even the internal organs of animals can change their patterns so that you don't repeat them. If you don't tell them, if you let him know that the fragrant pig in his bowl is the pig's large intestine, it is estimated that he will not eat it, hehe. In fact, these habits of Da Laomei are understandable, but the difference in social culture and historical development has created the difference between Chinese and Western food culture. No one has ever said that if the Chinese food culture is like a mixed chorus, the Western food is like a romantic serenade; if the Chinese restaurant is full of masculinity, then the western restaurant It is rich in a feminine beauty. Just like the dishes on the house today: the red oil pig ears, but also the big old beauty can not eat, even a big supermarket is difficult to see its figure, but the leadership of the family is still good, so every When I went to the supermarket, my eyes were thieves. Over time, I also explored a law. In the American supermarkets, rare foods such as pig's trotters and pig's ears are not placed in the most conspicuous places. Anyway, the principle of Dameimei's belief is definitely: the eyes are not seen as net. ! Hey. So, this food is still coming to the early tube to enjoy it, Dameimei is afraid that he will not dare to eat it again for 500 years, hehe.



  1. Squeeze the pig's ear and put it in the water to boil it, remove it and rinse it in the ice water.

  2. Add water to the pot and boil it. After boiling in 1+2, boil for 30-40 minutes.

  3. Cook the pig's ear and let it cool, cut the knife into thin slices and mix well.

  4. Sprinkle with cooked sesame seeds and serve on the table.


1: Pig ears should be selected to be large, thick and fresh, and do not buy if there is any smell; 2: The time for baking the pig's ear should not be too long, so it is better to use the chopsticks to insert it lightly; 3: After the cooling, the pig's ear is better cut, and the oblique knife is thin and large.

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