Recipe: Red oil

Home Cooking Recipe: Red oil



  1. Freshly pumped a whole bottle, aniseed, Shannai, a small pepper, a cinnamon leaf, a piece of fragrant leaves, grass fruit, soybean meal, crushed, rock sugar, brown sugar, ginger, scatter, into the pot and simmer into the pot until the rest Bottled and bottled at 2/3-3/4

  2. Rapeseed oil is heated in a pan and turned off. Slowly fry the onion section of the ginger piece. After the oil temperature drops, open the minimum fire. Infuse the same spice as the soy sauce and fry for about 20 minutes. Harvest the ginger and onion. Place the chili powder. Sprinkle with a white sesame.

  3. The good red oil can't be used immediately. Let the spices soak in the inside for 24 hours to drain the spices. The bottom of the chili powder is also discarded. Only red oil and white sesame seeds can be left.

  4. The dough is your own. Add a little salt to the flour and a little softer. It's easy to open and then cover it.

  5. At this time, put the pepper in the cold water, open the fire, smash the pepper water, let the cold, soak the chopped green onion ginger.

  6. Then start to simmer the meat. The finer the better.

  7. The stuffing of the hand is delicate and it is fresh. It depends on the meat of the meat. So put the simmered meat in the bowl and filter the pepper and onion. Ginger slowly add the meat and stir the meat in one direction. Appropriate amount

  8. The amount of meat to be eaten depends on the proportion of fat and lean meat. The amount of lean meat will be slightly more. When the meat is already tender, stop adding water. Add the sesame oil. White pepper.

  9. Spread the flour on the chopping board. Open the skin and make it as thin as possible. Add flour to prevent it from time to time. Finally cut into square slices.

  10. Chop your hands into boiling water. You can chop the garlic during the cooking process.

  11. Copy the pot and pour in the soy sauce and red oil. Sprinkle with garlic and chopped green onion.


Students who don’t have garlic tools teach a method here. The garlic is peeled and placed on the cutting board. The garlic peeled out from the back of the knife is very delicate.

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