Recipe: Red mutton stewed with carrot

Home Cooking Recipe: Red mutton stewed with carrot


Friends, please pay attention! People who like this recipe can pay attention to it. I am young and live, not sticky. Pay attention to zero burden!



  1. Cut the mutton, I think it can be cut a little bit because it will be cooked and easy to cook.

  2. Carrot dicing

  3. Ginger garlic slices

  4. Pour the oil into the pan and add the ginger slices to the pan.

  5. Lamb mutton in the pot to cause discoloration

  6. Put the cooking wine in the pot and soak the old sugar, a little salt because there is a certain salty taste in the soy sauce.

  7. Put the cinnamon, dried red pepper, pepper and fragrant leaves into the small seasoning bag. Put the seasoning package into the pot (this part can be used without a seasoning package, directly put the material into the pot)

  8. Put boiling water in the pot, add carrots or white radish after stewing for one hour.


1. The salt must be put less, and the soy sauce is salty. 2. It is best to have a spice box in the house, because there is too much spice in the stew. It is not easy to pick it out. 3. Carrot white radish can not be eaten at the same time, because it is easy to get septicemia

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