Recipe: Red jujube rice soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Red jujube rice soup



  1. Wash the red dates and glutinous rice separately, and cut the red dates into several mouths.

  2. Put red dates and glutinous rice in a bowl and add water to soak

  3. After soaking for 12 hours, put the soup, glutinous rice and red dates into the electric pressure cooker. Press the function of porridge. After you cook it, you can put it in the sugar candy.


1. After the glutinous rice is soaked, it is very easy to boil, but the soaking time is long and the nutrition will be lost. Therefore, even after washing, the soup is better cooked. 2. When cleaning red dates, you can use a clean small toothbrush to clean the dirty surface. Jujube nucleus can also be removed and cooked. 3. Red dates glutinous rice can also be eaten with rice.

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