Recipe: Red dates, longan ginger tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Red dates, longan ginger tea


The weather forecast says that a new wave of cold air is coming, and the warmth of this time will come to an end. The temperature should drop a lot. I think of this red jujube longan ginger tea that was cooked some time ago. I smelled a strong scent. After I cooked it, I took it in a cup and took a sip. It felt very warm. This is a draft of a warm-filled drink for newspapers. It is very suitable for burning in a cold season and pouring it into a cup. It is slowly tasted in the palm of your hand. It is simple and nourishes the body, especially suitable for women, blood and beauty. It is suitable for qi and cold. =======Red Dates Longan Ginger Tea ======== Nutrition experts commented that this drink is winter warming food, longan is warm high-grade hot fruit, rich in sugar, including glucose, sucrose, polysaccharides, sugar alcohol and so on. It is therefore extremely sweet, and because of these sugars, it increases the overall calorie and the health value of polysaccharides. In addition, the vitamin B group and vitamin C content of longan are also extremely rich, which has a great effect on improving immunity and resisting skin diseases in winter. Ginger is an ancient food that is hot and cold. It is suitable for menstruating women, cold-aged people, cold-cold cold people in winter, but constipation, getting angry, and getting cold. Choose carefully. Compared with sucrose, rock sugar has high purity, and the stew improves the quality of the whole soup.



  1. Dry longan shell, the red jujube is cleaned and split in half, and the core is removed (the red jujube is dry, so the kernel must be removed after half-cutting); the ginger is cut into filaments; the water is placed in the skillet for about 500ML. Add all the ingredients except brown sugar, boil over low heat and continue to cook for 20 minutes.

  2. After boiling for 20 minutes, add 10 grams of brown sugar and boil again.


1, 熬 good ginger tea, please drink hot, after drinking tea, add a little water and put it back into the pot to continue cooking. After drinking tea, eat red dates and longan, but each person should not eat too much to avoid getting angry; 2, because the ingredients used are all warm, so there are constipation, getting angry, hot cold (cough, sore throat, jaundice) carefully choose.

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