Recipe: Red curry tuna pizza

Home Cooking Recipe: Red curry tuna pizza


If there is no frozen dough, then the dough will be cooked the night before, and it will be refrigerated and fermented in the refrigerator. It is the same at 10 or 11 o'clock in the morning. Of course, it should be determined according to the room temperature, and it should be taken out earlier in the winter. The main ingredient used today is the red curry tuna flavor. I used to like canned tuna. I rarely eat canned food now, but it is very convenient to use it. This time the curry taste is not heavy, looking at the red, in fact, not at all spicy. I prefer the spicy taste of another brand, and I will buy it next time. You can also put some crispy intestines, which is what my family likes.



  1. I used a nine-inch batch of dishes, and the dough was slightly rounded and finished. I forked my eyes and brushed the sauce. I fried it myself, using butter, and a quarter of the onion. a tomato, tomato sauce and a batch of grass, a little cheese)

  2. Spread the tuna, there is a little potato dregs, and then put some vegetables, remember that I always have the storage of the refrigerator: peas and corn, the vegetables used for pizza do not love water. Preheating the oven

  3. Sprinkle with cheese, and sprinkle it, 180 degrees and 20 minutes, you can have a good time, and the lunch of the two mothers is often it.

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