Recipe: Red curry chicken nuggets

Home Cooking Recipe: Red curry chicken nuggets


Compared with yellow curry, red curry has a more attractive color and a richer aroma. The operation is also quite simple, it can be described as a lazy dish, Just throw some favorite meat, stewed with vegetables, and rice. Balanced nutrition and rich flavor. Spend a weekend morning, Facing the sun, carrying a small bag, Go to the farmer’s market and pick fresh vegetables. Go home to wash and cook, simmer on low heat, It’s ok to turn a few pages to listen to a few songs. Don't forget to stir it up halfway. Let's do it quickly~



  1. The chicken legs are slightly small, easy to taste and entrance (many friends go to the bones, I like to eat with bones, I feel more delicious), cooking wine, black pepper and marinated for a while

  2. Peeled potatoes, cut carrots, cut into two halves, cut onions, cut in half, cut in half

  3. Heat in a pot, pour in olive oil, saute red curry, stir fry with chicken nuggets, and add onion and saute

  4. Pour in the yam, boil over the fire, and cook the chicken for 15-20 minutes (depending on your taste, I like to cook the fried chicken)

  5. You can add vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms, carrots, and small tomatoes to boil over low heat. Slowly simmer for 15-20 minutes.

  6. In the middle, remember to stir up the stir-fry, and you can add some water if you like soup. (Curry sauce, bread is also very good)

  7. At this time, the potatoes have been cooked to a very soft surface. They can be cooked in a pan. For those who like spicy food, you can add some Thai chili powder before the pan. When you put it out, turn some black pepper on it, sprinkle some basil leaves, and you're done. With a bowl of rice, start enjoying it (maybe can't help but eat two bowls, haha~)


1. Small tomatoes can also be placed in a few pots before the pot, fresh tomatoes are sour and delicious, and the other vegetables are more rich in taste. 2. Potatoes can be fried until the skin is browned, very fragrant, or can be shaped. 3. Of course, chicken can also be replaced with beef, and the fish is ok.

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