Recipe: Red bean soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Red bean soup



  1. Red beans soaked in water overnight (soaked beans are easy to boil, if not soaked, time to cook long no problem)

  2. Sweet potato or purple potato peeled steamed (purple steamed longer than sweet potato)

  3. Put the steamed sweet potato or purple sweet potato into a mud, I will directly grab the mud by hand, and mix it with sugar according to my own taste.

  4. Then pour the weighed white powder and hawthorn powder into the mashed potato, mix well by hand, add water little by little in the process of mixing, mashed potatoes and not sticky, just make a group.

  5. Pinch into the shape you want, the recipe has a lot of roundness, and you can't finish it all at once. The remaining rounds are frozen and you can take it out when you want to eat it.

  6. Boil the red beans into red bean soup, add some peanuts inside, and finally put the round into the purple, the purple is the sweet potato circle, the yellow is the sweet potato circle, according to personal taste plus flower beans, coix seed or something.

  7. If you want a taste of q, cook the round and put it into the cold water, then it will be qq.


The sweet potato has more water than the purple potato, so it is better to add the mashed potato with water, so as not to make the water too much dough stick to the hand and not affect the taste.

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