Recipe: Red bean lotus seed

Home Cooking Recipe: Red bean lotus seed


Greetings by sending flowers: Free to share! Red beans have the effect of clearing the heart and nourishing the skin, strengthening the spleen and tonifying the kidney. Adding lotus seeds and lilies is more effective in strengthening the essence, stopping bleeding, strengthening the bones and other functions. It can cure lung dryness, dry cough, improve internal organs vitality and enhance physical strength. Health is also an important part of skin care. External adjustment and internal cultivation can create a woman with a spirit. Yjviny4  Therefore, in the dry season, eating this soup can not only moisturize the skin, but also moisturize the autumn dryness. Adults and children drink well. When I was sitting on the moon, I didn't eat red beans too much. If it was summer, with the lotus flower just picked out, plus a flower greeting, it is really sweet.  This red bean lotus seed is also made with electric cooker, super simple and convenient, and delicious. Put the ingredients in, and you can drink the beautiful red bean lotus seeds in a few hours.  If you don't have an electric cooker, it is the same in an ordinary pot.



  1. Prepare materials. Wash the red beans, then remove the lotus seeds to the core and soak them in water for 2 hours.

  2. Put red beans, lotus seeds, and lilies into the bear stew and add enough water.

  3. Select the dessert function and set the time to 3 hours. After stewing, add rock sugar and stir with a spoon until the sugar melts.

  4. Eat it hot, if it is cold in summer, it tastes better.


◎ If you don't have time, you can cook it without soaking it for a while. ◎Lily can use fresh lily, if not, use dry lily, no need to soak in advance.

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