Recipe: Red bean cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Red bean cake


Since the child’s holiday, life has returned to the original track. Three meals a day should be done on time, because the child is used to the school’s schedule, and it’s time to eat. In the past few days, the children have eaten more pasta. The children said that at school, they are almost all rice every day. Come back and eat a few more pasta dishes. This is the dumplings I ate yesterday, and the rest of the noodles, and more. Every time I cook the dough, I look at the softness and hardness of the dough, the size of the dough left, and whether there are other fillings in the house to make noodles, dumplings, buns, clams and pancakes. Today's dough is not big, and it is soft. Just like red bean paste in the house, use it to make red bean cake, with millet porridge, a nutritious breakfast will be there.



  1. The remaining dough is grown into a strip of uniform size.

  2. Put the agent flat, press thin, do not need 擀

  3. Put in red bean paste

  4. Wrap red bean paste like a buns

  5. Put the side of the mouth down

  6. Press the flat buns by hand, press the uniform

  7. Put the pan on the fire, heat it, brush it with a layer of oil, and put it into the cake

  8. Cover the lid and fry until golden on both sides

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