Recipe: Raw pork liver and lean meat porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Raw pork liver and lean meat porridge


Pork liver is rich in iron and phosphorus, which are indispensable raw materials for hematopoiesis. It is the first choice for preventing iron deficiency anemia. It is also rich in protein, lecithin and trace elements, which is beneficial to the baby's mental development and physical development. This porridge is delicious and nutritious, not only for the baby, but also for pregnant mothers. Add the dried tangerine peel to the porridge, the smell is fragrant, the greasy sputum is greasy, the dampness can be spleen and appetite, and the qi and phlegm. You can also add carrots, spinach, and cabbage to your porridge according to your preference. The taste is just as good.



  1. After the glutinous rice is washed clean, add boiled water to form a thick porridge;

  2. Cut the liver and lean meat into thin slices, add a little salt, sugar, oil, ginger, dried tangerine peel, rice wine or cooking wine, and marinate for 15 minutes;

  3. Heat the boiled porridge and boil it. Put the marinated pork liver and lean meat into boiling porridge and cook for 3-5 minutes on high heat.

  4. After the fire is turned off, sprinkle with white pepper, salt and sesame oil in the porridge. Stir in the bowl, sprinkle with chopped green onion, parsley, and a bowl of delicious pork liver and lean meat porridge!


1. Pork liver is rich in iron and phosphorus. It is an indispensable raw material for hematopoiesis. Pig liver is rich in protein, lecithin and trace elements, which is beneficial to children's mental development and physical development. Pig liver is rich in vitamin A, which often eats pig liver, which can gradually eliminate ophthalmic diseases. According to modern medical research, pig liver has a variety of anti-cancer substances, such as vitamin c, selenium, etc., and the liver also has a strong anti-cancer ability and special substances against fatigue. 2, animal liver is rich in iron, and is more easily absorbed by the body, is the first choice for the prevention of iron deficiency anemia. Although the iron content of lean meat is not high, the absorption and utilization rate of iron is similar to that of pig liver, and it is easy to process. Mommy and baby are very suitable for eating. 3, pig liver contains very rich vitamins, very effective for anemia, eyesight, anti-aging, very suitable for the elderly and children. However, the visceral food should still be in moderation. It should not be eaten excessively because of nutrition. Let's eat it once every three times. 4, the liver is the largest poison transfer station and detoxification organs in the body, so buy fresh liver should not be eager to cook, the liver should be placed in the basin for 1 to 2 hours to eliminate residual blood. Note that the water should be completely submerged in the pig liver. If the pig liver is cooked, it can be cut into 4-6 pieces according to its size, rinsed under the tap for 10 minutes, and then soaked in water for 30 minutes; 5, pig liver can not be cooked for too long, so as not to affect the taste, but also pay attention, do not blindly tender, otherwise, can not effectively detoxify, and can not kill germs, parasite eggs. Therefore, the cooking time should not be too short, at least the liver should be completely grayish brown, and no bloodshot can be seen; 6, people with high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, obesity and high blood lipids do not eat pig liver, because the liver cholesterol content is higher. Pig livers that are sick and discolored or have nodules are not eaten; 7, if this porridge is for a small baby to eat, you can cut the pig liver and pig lean meat even smaller or even cut into the end. 8, pig liver bogey and fish, franks, buckwheat, cauliflower, soybeans, tofu, clam meat, pheasant with food; should not be with bean sprouts, peppers, edamame, hawthorn and other foods rich in vitamin C; animal liver should not be with vitamins C, anticoagulant drugs, levodopa, euphoria and phenelzine and other drugs with food.

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