Recipe: Raspberry Earl Black Tea Mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Raspberry Earl Black Tea Mousse



  1. 1. First prepare the Daquoise cake layer or the hurricane cake layer, cut out ten pieces with a circular boring cutter, the size of the enamel is smaller than the mousse mold (such as the mold diameter of 7cm, then the chopping The size of the mold can be 6 cm); 2. Prepare the crisple layer. Mix an equal amount of 25g of low-powder, almond powder, butter, and sugar together, cut into the mold, and put it into the mold. The middle layer of the oven is 180 degrees for 10 minutes. 3. Raspberry mousse. Keep the cold water for 10 minutes, and send the whipped cream (7 distribution) for use. Take a bowl of raspberry fruit + granulated sugar and mix well. Heat it to 40 degrees and heat it to turn off the heat. Add the soft gelatin tablets. Mix well, wait until it is a little cold, add a light cream pot, mix well, then pour into the mold. The frozen layer of the ordinary refrigerator is frozen to solidify. 4. Earl Black Tea Mousse. The gelatin tablets are placed in cool water for soft standby. Take a pot and put in egg yolk + sugar, mix well for use; take a bowl of milk + whipped cream + Earl Grey tea, add to boil, turn off the heat for ten minutes, filter off the tea residue; pour half of the milk tea to the egg yolk basin Mix well and then pour all of them back into the milk tea pot, heat it on low heat, stir at the same time until it thickens and turn off the heat. Add the gelatin tablets and wait until it is a little cold to enter the mold. Pour one-third of the mold into the mold, add the cake layer + crisp layer, continue to mousse liquid. Refrigerate the refrigerator after completion.

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