Recipe: Rainbow cheese

Home Cooking Recipe: Rainbow cheese


Rainbow cheese, just look at the mood will be better ~ the practice is very simple! ! In fact, it is yogurt and frozen cheese. I don't like to add some messy rum lemon juice. (These two can be added according to your favorite, play the role of seasoning and fragrant.) There is no raw egg in the recipe. After all, it is frozen cheese. Without the oven, the amount of whipped cream in the formula can be replaced by a part of the milk. The effect is not big. I like the milk to be heavier, so the formula is all cream instead of milk + cream. In general, I will use cream instead of dessert. Milk + cream, the cream will be more fragrant, of course, the heat is higher. In order to demould, I can see the non-stick mold I used, which is black! Live bottom mold! ! At the bottom, I usually put oily paper~ Yogurt is as thick as possible. If the yogurt is too sweet, remember to lose sugar! The formula is 6 inches



  1. Cream cheese softens at room temperature (quiet softening: you can put the cheese in a fresh-keeping bag for a while), the butter melts in the water, and the Oreo biscuits are powdered with a grinder (there is no need to put a fresh-keeping bag with a rolling pin, a few sets) Fresh food bags), gelatin tablets soaked in cold water, drained and spared (soak with mineral water!! Don't use tap water!! You have to eat directly! Hello!! Cold water, cold water!! Directly with warm water gelatin tablets ...)

  2. First make the bottom of the cake, mix the melted butter with the biscuit powder, pour it into the mold and flatten it.

  3. Softened cheese and fine sugar whipped until smooth and granule-free, softened cheese is easy to use~ then add yogurt and mix well

  4. Heat the whipped cream, add the soft and drain the gelatin tablets, gently stir until the gelatin tablets melt (the cream can not be too hot, otherwise the gelatin tablets have no effect!) Put it in the cheese paste after standing at room temperature, stir well So that the cheese paste is ready!

  5. The cheese paste is ready to start coloring. The cheese paste is divided into seven equal parts. The color is adjusted by itself. It will not be colorized and checked. Red orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, with less pigmentation. After all, this thing is not good, the color is Softer, look more comfortable~

  6. First, pour one layer, freeze to solidify and then pour the second layer. It usually freezes in five minutes (-18 °C). Because of the addition of the gelatin tablets, it is possible that the remaining ones have not yet poured into the mold and solidified. Stirring from time to time helps to reduce the rate of solidification

  7. After the cheese paste is poured into the mold, it can be refrigerated for four hours, and it can be set overnight. When the mold is released, a high-point cup is placed under the mold. The mold is selected to be easier to use than the hot rag, and the mold will fall off when the mold is removed. It is also convenient to release the oil paper at the bottom.

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