Recipe: Radish burdock

Home Cooking Recipe: Radish burdock


I haven't used it since I bought a column of prawn sauce. I want to eat radish stewed sirloin, just like the ingredients.



  1. The burdock is changed into a block of 4~5cm square, soaked in water for 1 hour; boil in cold water pot, open the lid and boil for 5 minutes until the blood foam overflows, remove and rinse with warm water for use;

  2. Heat the wok into the oil, add the ginger and shallots, pour the sautéed sirloin; add the simmered sautéed pork, stir in the rice wine, stir-fry the teriyaki sauce; turn all the ingredients into the casserole, and inject the boiled water without the beef. Pour the spices into the vinegar and cover and cook for 1 hour;

  3. Wash the white radish, cut into a hob or a cross, add water and boil, open the lid and cook for 10 minutes to taste; then remove the radish into a casserole, add rock sugar and a little salt, cook with the sir for 15 minutes, sprinkle with green garlic You can go to the table.


What is a column sauce? If it is interpreted as a Cantonese-style sweet noodle sauce, it is more common and easy to remember. This is a South China-style sauce that is suitable for cooking meat and poultry with unique flavors. The radish burdock is a Cantonese-style snack made with piloth sauce, which is also a popular dish on the table. The column sauce contains salt and sauce, so don't over-add soy sauce and salt to avoid losing flavor; Lee Kum Kee Hou Hou Sauce is available online or online. If you can't buy it, you can use sweet noodles with sesame sauce, red bean curd and ginger garlic. Stir-fried; if it is too troublesome, simply use soy sauce rock sugar salt to make braised radish sirloin.

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