Recipe: Qianlong cabbage

Home Cooking Recipe: Qianlong cabbage



  1. The year of Qianlong cabbage is in spring, so it is necessary to maintain health in spring. Ordinary Chinese cabbage also has health practice. The practice of the court is full of color and flavor. The technique is very important. Today, the cooking art network teaches everyone to make court royal dishes, Qianlong cabbage. What are the benefits of eating cabbage in spring? There is a characteristic in spring, the liver gas rises, it is easy to get angry, the blood pressure is easy to rise, the cabbage can spring, the skin is moist and dry, and the heat is clearing. First of all, choose the green leaves, the vegetables help the white cabbage, seasoning with sesame sauce, vinegar, honey, sugar, sesame oil, these are in line with the standard of spring health, the first less acid, a little bit of vinegar, appetite to promote appetite, the second Zeng Gan , honey white sugar, spleen and liver, this hemp sauce laxative.

  2. First, tear the cabbage to prevent water, then pour the sesame sauce, honey, sugar, and vinegar into the cabbage. The final method is to mix the vegetables from the bottom to the top, so that they can be evenly wrapped together. Cabbage is not easy to effluent, mix it from the bottom of the cabbage, mix it, and order a little sesame oil. This court royal dish, Qianlong cabbage is ready.

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