Recipe: Purple sweet potato glutinous rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Purple sweet potato glutinous rice cake



  1. Peel the purple core sweet potato, cut into thick slices, put in a boiling water pot, steam for 15 minutes and remove

  2. Steamed sweet potato, use a spoon to grind into a sweet potato puree, add sugar and glutinous rice flour to mix into a dough, add a small amount of water, and mix it into a soft dough that does not crack your hands.

  3. Take about 40 grams of dough, and then round it into a round shape, and press it into a round cake with a thickness of about 7, 8 mm. Or like the dumplings, wrap the red bean paste, close the mouth, carefully press the shape of the round cake.

  4. Put a layer of oil on the surface of the pan, put the whole type of glutinous rice cake into it, fry until the surface is slightly yellow, and turn it over.


The fried cake is very soft, so it is not suitable for making a big cake. The palate is soft and soft, not as tight as a pumpkin pie. Because the glutinous rice cake is very oily, if the oil is too much, the cake will be very greasy! Purple fried is not very good looking!

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