Recipe: Purple potato rose taro

Home Cooking Recipe: Purple potato rose taro


The purple potato rose taro made in the evening, but the picture taken by my mobile phone at night is a bit distorted.



  1. The purple potato is cooked in a pressure cooker, cooked and peeled and pressed into a mud, and allowed to cool until it is not hot. Take out 200 g of spare.

  2. Put the flour, purple potato puree and dry yeast into the pot and mix well. Add water to make a smooth dough and put it in the warm place to 2 times the volume of the original dough.

  3. Drain the fermented dough until it is completely vented. Then grow up and divide into 6 doses

  4. Put a dose into a strip, divide it into 5 doses, grow a strip, make a flower, and the other four flat, smash into a bun, fold one by one, wrap the heart into a tube Shape, cut from the middle

  5. Fold the petals from the outermost layer, from large to small, until two roses are formed

  6. The finished rose is placed directly into the steamer, covered with a steamer lid, and the final fermentation is carried out for about 30 minutes.

  7. After the dough is fermented, put cold water in the pot, place the bamboo steamer on the pot, and steam for about 20 minutes on high heat. Open the cover after turning off the fire for another 3 minutes.

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