Recipe: Purple potato powder

Home Cooking Recipe: Purple potato powder


It has a romantic purple feeling - it has a soft purple velvet - it has a thousand purple flavors. Its purple heart is the best natural pigment recipe from: Fatty Handmade Workshop



  1. Steam the purple potato for 20 minutes (without peeling)

  2. After the purple potato is steamed, the skin is torn by hand and placed in a bowl and pressed into a mud with a fork.

  3. Spread the pressed purple potato on a non-stick cloth and push it into thin slices with a spoon

  4. The preheated oven is dried at 90'C for 2-3 hours, depending on the moisture and thickness of the purple potato puree. When the purple potato mud is brittle and thin, it can be separated from the non-stick cloth, placed in a blender, ground into a powder, placed in a refreshing glass bottle, and can be stored for several months.


★★★ Low temperature baking can avoid baking the puree. 50°C ~ 70°C is ideal. In principle, it can be no more than 90°C, but it depends on the size of the individual furnace, the puree and the heating line. Adjust the distance and adjust the dry condition from time to time.

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