Recipe: Purple cabbage juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Purple cabbage juice


Drink anthocyanin o (≧v≦) o~~



  1. Wash! Purple cabbage and apple pulp mixed with a small amount of pineapple juice - it is best to drink the residue!


1. Purple cabbage alone tastes a bit more sloppy, so the apple must be at least 1:1, and other fruits can be added a little bit. ~~~ If it is a pineapple, don't be too much, it tastes great! ! And, the combination of visual bananas will be better with milk squeeze! ! ! 2. If the combination is not enough, add some water. PS: Purple cabbage + apple is basically the color of purple cabbage, purple cabbage + lemon / pineapple will be a red, then the combination with banana milk is milk purple ~~~

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