Recipe: Pumpkin sago

Home Cooking Recipe: Pumpkin sago



  1. Cook the pumpkin paste. Cut the pumpkin into large pieces, first break some in the blender, then put it in the pot, add a pot of water, boil over low heat and cook over low heat.

  2. The broken pumpkin will soon be soft, boiled and then poured into the blender again. The second time it is broken, the pumpkin paste that was made this time is completely different from the first time, very detailed.

  3. Cook sago. Boil a pot of boiling water, pour the water into the sago, gently stir the sago in the pot to prevent sticking and paste bottom. When the small fire is cooked until the transparency is more than 2/3, you can turn off the fire and remove it. Rinse the surrounding mucus with cold water. spare

  4. mixing. Pour the beaten pumpkin paste into the pot, add the washed sago after boiling, continue to cook over low heat, and still use the wooden spoon to stir the cooking process to prevent the paste pot and sticking. Remember that the fire must be small. Otherwise, the pumpkin paste is easy to splash out; when the sago is left with only a small amount of white core, turn off the heat, and then cover it for a few minutes, the white core will disappear completely, let it cool and eat, and the ice taste is better.


1. The first step of breaking the boiled and then boiled and smashing the pumpkin paste is to save time, but it will be a little trouble to change the container repeatedly. If it is too troublesome, cut it into small pieces and cook it softly. This process may be a bit long. ), and finally smashed; 2, sago can be washed with the fastest speed before the pot, but the time must be short, most varieties of sago are easy to melt in cold water, do not soak; 3, I think the pumpkin paste is very sweet, no sugar, if you like, you can add a little; 4, the fire of the pumpkin paste must be small enough, otherwise be careful that the splash of pumpkin liquid is very hot; 5, if it is not cooked pumpkin sago, how to cook pure sago, there are many ways to cook sago on the Internet, I began to practice one by one, and finally concluded that the varieties of sago are different, the degree of difficulty is very different It may not be able to cook your own sago according to the time indicated on the cooking method of others. The only unbeaten practice is to cook and cross, whether it is a small fire or a fire, the time is relatively random, but don't be stupid, the middle is far from the fire, and then the hard to cook Be familiar with; 6, the last so-called light food, not a big pot once all into a person's belly oh ~ cooked sago dew ice slowly in the refrigerator ~

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