Recipe: Pulp sauce duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Pulp sauce duck


"Flavour Sauce Duck" Mini system, 1~2 people. Small pieces of exquisite, Can give a person more fun to eat, You can also give your couple more exquisite romance. (Many people, or want to eat a few more meals, increase the amount ^_^) 2012.8.12



  1. Cut the duck leg into small pieces, add water, add some ginger, boil, and go to blood. Later, drain the water and set the duck block aside.

  2. Open the oil on the pan, add the dried red pepper (also can be small red pepper), ginger slices, star anise, stir-fry.

  3. Pour the duck pieces and stir fry until slightly yellow.

  4. Pour the soy sauce (because it is a sauce duck, so the amount is slightly more, let the color), a small amount of cooking wine, sugar, then add water to cover the duck block, the shallot knot is also put into the water.rTurn to a small fire and cook slowly, about 20~25 minutes.

  5. Open a big fire, collect juice, and put on the plate. (Do not like onions, you can take the onions when you load them.)

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