Recipe: Protein cream lemon tower

Home Cooking Recipe: Protein cream lemon tower


It was found that the toast and the tapi were perfect. In the evening, a medium-sized dough was used with 20 g of protein, and the egg yolk was just a taki refrigerated. The next day, there are toasts and towers to eat! The lemon tart is filled with four eggs. When separating protein and egg yolk, separate one protein for brushing the skin and the other three for protein icing! This is more economical! ! The lemon juice content of this lemon tower is very high. My friends said it was sour when they ate, but the acidity is very cool. It is probably that it is not sour, but it is really sour, not like it too. Acid can put a lemon juice less. #找的味道的味道#



  1. First make the tart, soften the butter and add a small amount of salt and beat it with a manual egg beater. Add the powdered sugar three times and mix well.

  2. Add egg yolk and whipped evenly.

  3. Sift into the low-gluten flour three times and mix until the powder can be gathered together. (You can see the dry powder at this time, but they are all attached to the dough)

  4. Remove the dough on the chopping board, gather the dough into a square with a spatula, cut it from the middle, pick up a piece and stack it on the other piece, press it by hand, then cut it from the middle, take a piece on the other piece, press it again I usually don't see dry powder after two or three times. Then gently smash into a group, do not over-squeak, press the flat by hand, but do not press the loose, wrap the plastic film for a night.

  5. The refrigerated dough is taken out at room temperature for a while, to the appropriate softness and hardness, which is probably the result of pressing down with a three-point force. Specifically, I can’t say it. In short, if it is too soft or too hard, it will be brittle, make good use of it. The flexibility of the dough can be easily applied to the pie, and the 4 mm thick sheet is rolled into a 8 inch chrysanthemum mold. Insert the air hole with a fork. Refrigerate in the refrigerator for 30 minutes. The oven begins to warm up 160 degrees. This tower is very crispy, but it is very fragile when you put it into a model. Be careful.

  6. Remove the oily paper from the back, spread the beans, put them in the oven for 10 minutes, remove them, remove the oil paper and apply a layer of protein. Put in and bake for another 10 minutes.

  7. Then do the filling, take a lemon to clean the skin, then dry it, take a lemon dander. Then cut the extruded juice with the other two lemons.

  8. Take a deep pot, add water, 50G sugar, lemon juice, and mix well.

  9. Add lemon dander, stir well, and heat it gently with a small heat.

  10. Separation of egg yolk and protein, * separate one protein for brushing the skin, and the other three proteins for protein icing * protein sealed for cold storage, adding the remaining 50 grams of sugar and vanilla extract to the egg yolk, using a whisk To thick and whitish, add cornstarch and mix well.

  11. Pour the lemon syrup into half and mix well with the egg yolk paste, then pour it back into the deep pot and the remaining lemon syrup and heat it over medium heat, stir until it is slightly thick. Then add the cut into small pieces of butter, stir and melt evenly, then add the light cream, stir evenly, away from the fire, the filling state should be the same as the thicker honey. Pour into the tart and bake at 160 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes.

  12. Remove the oven and let it cool for 6 hours.

  13. The three proteins are sent to soft foaming, heated to between 118 and 122 degrees in 195g sugar and 70g water deep pot. Before the discoloration, leave the fire and continue to pour the protein while slowly pouring the syrup into the protein. Do not stop the process. ! Fully whipped the protein and syrup, evenly sitting in the ice water, whipping and cooling, completely cooled, then put into the squid bag and squeezed on the lemon tower. Use a gas spray gun to burn it before you go to the table, and sprinkle some lemon dander to decorate it. If you don't have a gas spray gun, you can use the 200 degree upper layer of the oven to quickly paint it. It is ok to eat directly.

  14. I use the color on the upper layer of the 200 degree oven~ It is recommended to use the highest 250, directly put into the protein color and change it, because the 200 degree color is still a little slow, the roasting of the tower will become soft and not good for a long time. Lay~

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