Recipe: Prickly pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Prickly pork


This dish is very good! Simple and delicious



  1. Cut the pepper and lean meat into silk, then cut the ginger garlic.

  2. Put the cut lean meat in a bowl, put in the powder, soy sauce, bean paste, (a little salt can be placed, according to your own taste), stir quickly, then marinate for a few minutes

  3. Put the vegetable oil in the pan, add the ginger and garlic to the sauté after the oil is hot, then add the lean meat, stir fry a few times, and see the meat discolored after the scent, leave the right amount of oil in the pot, pour the pepper into the pan and stir evenly Pour in lean meat and stir fry, then add chicken essence, salt and add a little pepper powder, stir fry evenly, and serve


The lean meat should be quickly sautéed to make it evenly heated. See the meat discolored and the meat will be tender.

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