Recipe: Preserved egg tofu avocado salad

Home Cooking Recipe: Preserved egg tofu avocado salad


The combination of preserved egg and tofu avocado and tofu can be made into three salads. The taste is also very good. It satisfies both the heart of eating preserved eggs and the satisfaction of eating avocado~



  1. Cut the old tofu into the water pot, boil for about 2 minutes, drain and drain the water, prepare the plate, and lay a layer of green leafy vegetables at the bottom. I used bitter chrysanthemum. This decoration has more effect. Tofu code on the plate

  2. Cut avocado and preserved eggs into small pieces, cut four small tomatoes, put them in a large bowl, add soy sauce, porphyrin, olive oil, apple cider vinegar and a little white sesame and mix well.

  3. The avocado and preserved eggs and the sauce are carefully poured into the tofu-plated dish. The sauce is naturally drenched on the tofu. Simply put it on and you can eat it! ~


1. The purple onion in the raw material can be added or not. If it is placed, the onion shreds are soaked in cold water for 10 minutes in advance, the taste will not be so rushed; 2. It has been done only once before putting tofu and avocado. Hey~

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