Recipe: Premium Shangri-La Bamboo Clay Chicken Soup [翱古农场集市菜谱010]

Home Cooking Recipe: Premium Shangri-La Bamboo Clay Chicken Soup [翱古农场集市菜谱010]



  1. The bamboo squid is chilled for 30 minutes, cut into small pieces for use, and the whole can be used. If it is used on the market, it should be treated with salt water.

  2. The ground chickens in the market are chopped and washed, boiled in boiling water, and drained.

  3. After the oil in the pot is 50% hot, put in chicken pieces, stir-fry the chicken oil, use the oil, do not use the oil of the supermarket, all made by the industry, a smell. (Without the use of ginger, the market chicken does not need feed, no smell)

  4. Put the fried chicken in a saucepan, add half a pot of mineral water (must use good water), boil over high heat, add bamboo simmer to low heat for 2-3 hours, cold winter children's shoes can join the market The dates are stewed to make up the blood. If the stomach is not good, you can put some pepper or cumin to make up the stomach. [Penny can also be placed half an hour before the pan is placed]

  5. Seasoning with salt and chopped green onion, you can enjoy a delicious bamboo broth with your family. The whole is good ingredients, the original taste of good water, delicious and delicious, and the bamboo glutinous is rich in nutrients. The benefits of nourishing the body are endless.


[Market serious tips] If the chicken is not finished, you can add water and stew again. The chicken soup is still delicious, because the farm is full of natural growth, full of flavor, just like the market black scorpion, soaked 3 times, still true color. [Introduction to the background of bamboo raft] Bamboo bud is a kind of cryptic fungus that is parasitic on the root of dried bamboo. It is rich in nutrients, rich in flavor and delicious in taste. It has been listed as one of the "Grass Bazhen" since ancient times. Bamboo carp is not only a precious edible fungus, but also has a certain therapeutic effect on high blood pressure, neurasthenia and gastrointestinal diseases. It is particularly worth mentioning that bamboo stalks contain several amino acids necessary for the human body, which is very rare in food. The soup is especially delicious, come on, act, and quickly drink it with your bamboo soup.

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