Recipe: Potato Shallot Sour Cream Bread

Home Cooking Recipe: Potato Shallot Sour Cream Bread


I wanted to bake this bread very long ago, because I didn't have sour cream and put it on hold. Now I finally bought the material and I can't wait to start baking the bread. It is said to be very delicious and easy to operate. It is really so after baking it. Thank you for the good recipe of the kitten.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Cut the potatoes into large pieces and steam them in a steamer~

    Cut the potatoes into large pieces and steam them in a steamer~

  2. Add sour cream to the mashed potatoes, and mix well with butter.

  3. Flour with water, eggs, salt, yeast, stir evenly (it will find pretty dry)

  4. Add mashed potatoes and sour cream, stir the mixture of butter, add the diced green onion, continue to stir until soft and elastic dough, then pay attention to the wetness of the dough, preferably softer, not too hard (so when adding water According to the amount of water absorbed by the dough)

  5. The dough is not too whipped and does not require a film. So the manual is also very good operation, I am saving things and simply replacing it with a machine~

  6. Cover the glass cover (edge ​​coated with olive oil) for about 2 hours to 2 times

  7. Take out the fermented dough, gently flatten it, and divide it into 12 parts. It is better to say it will be more even. Rolling round, no slack, just put it on the baking tray and ferment it twice~ (put warm and humid)

  8. The oven was preheated at 190 degrees, and it was fired for 25 minutes (I baked 2 trays and found that it was still stuck together, and the dough was squeezed and twisted.)


1. This bread is not strictly in accordance with the bread making process. I personally feel that I can mix eggs, water, salt, yeast, mashed potatoes, flour, sour cream, etc. into the dough according to the old way of making bread. After whipping evenly, Add butter, if you feel that the dough is dry, you can add water in time; if you add butter directly, it will be difficult to mix it into the water when you find the dough. However, the original author is the first to put liquid and salt, yeast, incense Mix the onions and gradually add the flour until it is softened into a dough. This is not bad. If you use the machine and the noodles, add butter. 2. I like to sprinkle a little corn flour on the bread before the final roast. The color is better. 3. I bought the skim and sour cream, because only this one, it is estimated that full fat will be better. 4. Bread is hot and delicious. If it is cold, you can use a microwave to heat it up a little. Of course, it is good to eat directly. 5. Can accept the taste of green onions, you can give it a try, really super delicious ~

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