Recipe: Potato roast chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Potato roast chicken



  1. Chicken cuts are washed and water is controlled.

  2. Slice the onion, ginger and garlic, cut the onions and potatoes for use.

  3. Put the water and chicken in the pot and boil it. There will be a layer of dirt on it, then remove the chicken pieces and control the water.

  4. Put the wok into the wok, star anise, cinnamon, grass fruit, fragrant leaves, stir fry, then add rock sugar, onion, onion ginger, garlic, pepper noodles and chili noodles, stir with a stir-fry shovel until the sugar melts to change the fire, put the chicken Stir fry for a while, pour in cooking wine, soy sauce, soy sauce, stir fry, add boiling water, no chicken. After boiling, change to medium heat for 15 minutes, pour in the potato pieces, cook for another 15 minutes, stir fry a few times in the middle to avoid the pan.

  5. Because of the addition of soy sauce and soy sauce, try to taste salty before the pot, add salt in moderation.


I used pepper noodles and chili noodles because I didn't like to eat peppercorns and didn't want to fish out. So it's better to put the right amount of pepper and pepper into the cooking machine.

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