Recipe: Potato ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Potato ribs


Braised classic dishes, there are many places, this is the Sichuan version.



  1. Pork ribs in a block, drowning

  2. Use oil to ribs out of the pan, a little dry

  3. Ginger and pepper are scented with oil and fried with spices

  4. Under the processed ribs stir fry, add dried chili, broth and cook for a while

  5. After a little juice, add the potato pieces and bean paste.

  6. After stir fry, add broth to the soup

  7. After about fifteen minutes, add old soaking, salt seasoning

  8. The water evaporates almost after the pot


It is best to use small potatoes, which are slightly peeled and cut into half. Heavy tastes need to pay attention to the ingredients, the origin of the used peppers, peppers.

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