Recipe: Potato puree

Home Cooking Recipe: Potato puree


Potato puree is really suitable for snacks or dinners, and it is getting more and more fragrant to make a large bowl of food at a time. A bowl will satisfy ~



  1. Cut the onion and cut the small pieces into the bacon. The potatoes are steamed and cut into small pieces.

  2. Put the hot pot in a casserole and stir fry. Do not put oil because the bacon itself will produce oil, and the bacon will be fried until the color becomes red and the volume becomes smaller.

  3. Just put the butter in the pot, melt the onion and saute the onion.

  4. Add the potato pieces and continue to fry, making it softer and more familiar. Add a little water, don't take too much, and the amount of potatoes can be equal.

  5. After frying for a while, the potatoes were simmered in the broth, and after a little cold, they were put into a mixer and beaten into mud. Look at the taste you like, and don't want to eat too much.

  6. Pour the mashed potatoes into a hot pot, add light milk or milk to cook, thick enough to master according to personal preferences. Stir in the cooking process, or paste the pot. Add salt and black pepper to taste.

  7. After the pan, sprinkle with crunchy crispy bacon and vanilla seeds.


Individuals who make potato soup or mashed potatoes like to steam the potatoes first, thus reducing processing time. The fourth step can also be raw potatoes, but still have to cook the potatoes to get mud.

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