Recipe: Potato oatmeal

Home Cooking Recipe: Potato oatmeal



  1. One medium-sized potato, cut the filament, and cut a few knives to ensure that each root does not exceed two centimeters.

  2. a little chopped onion

  3. Put the potatoes, onions and oatmeal (I used a cook-free, three or four tablespoons) in a large bowl. Then add two eggs, add some salt, a little chicken, pepper, sugar and mix well. Allow to stand for five minutes, in order to make the oats full of water

  4. If you want to lower the card, so put a little oil in the pot and pour the paste into the pan. It's best to make a small cake, because even if you want to be big, it is estimated that it is very small when you finally get out of the pot. Slowly fry on both sides. You can sprinkle some sesame when the top layer has not solidified yet.

  5. Fry until you feel the cake is very real, it will be cooked. New potatoes are relatively easy to cook, rest assured.


When the bread is fried, the oil is rarely placed first, so if you turn over the surface, the oil may be gone. So you can first fry for dozens of seconds, solidify the surface, and then turn it back and brush it with a layer of oil. This kind of cake will not be smeared and the amount of oil used will be small. The surface of the prepared cake has a layer of crispy shell. If you look closely at the picture below, you will find that when the piece is cut, the shell is cracked a bit, which is enough to show that it is brittle. This should be the role of oatmeal. The inside is noodle, with the smell of fresh potatoes. When you eat it, it is more flavorful with your favorite seasoning. I am equipped with garlic and fresh soy sauce. In one breath, even the chopsticks are useless, and the three small cakes are eaten by hand.

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