Recipe: Potato ham breakfast cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Potato ham breakfast cake


Simple and delicious breakfast, can also be eaten as a snack



  1. Peel the potatoes, slice or diced, steamed on the casserole and can be easily puncture

  2. Celery, carrots and ham cut into small pieces

  3. Press the steamed potatoes into mashed potatoes, add celery, carrots and ham, mix well

  4. Add a small amount of flour and salt and mix well

  5. The chopping board is covered with a layer of flour. Apply a small amount of oil to the hand, squeeze the mashed potatoes into a ball on the cutting board, and then press the flat

  6. Hot pot, refueling just enough to fill the bottom of the pot. Small fire pancakes, fried until golden to the pan.


If the mashed potatoes are too hydrated and difficult to form, add some flour.

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