Recipe: Porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Porridge


The porridge porridge is easy to operate and has high nutritional value and is suitable for the whole family. For me, the porridge has a strong grandmother's taste. As long as you return to your hometown, you will have such a bowl of fragrant pork porridge. After a long time of cooking, the essence of the bone marrow has already been dissolved in the porridge. The seafood of the shrimp skin makes this bowl of porridge that seems to be normal.



  1. The bone can be asked by the meat shop master to help cut off, cold water into the pot to boil to the blood

  2. Wash the bones after passing the water, into the skillet (pressure cooker, slow cooker), add the washed glutinous rice

  3. The ratio of water to ingredients is about 6:1.

  4. After cooking, you can add shrimp and egg liquid directly into the pot, or take another pot, stir fry the shrimp skin to golden, add porridge (depending on the consistency and personal taste, add water), and boil. The eggs are broken up to the egg liquid, poured on the porridge, turned to a small fire, and pulled into a beautiful egg flower. Turn off the fire and cook.


1. glutinous rice can be added to all kinds of miscellaneous grains according to personal taste. This time, porridge is added with rice and glutinous rice; 2. Establish a slow cooker, do not take care of the heat from time to time; 3. In addition to shrimp skin and eggs, you can also add rot, tofu, etc.; 4. There is a certain amount of salt in the shrimp skin. Please add salt to your taste.

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