Recipe: Pork shiitake mushrooms

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork shiitake mushrooms



  1. Preparation: The pork you bought is not broken. First, chop the ginger and green onions in the water to make onion ginger water. Mushrooms are chopped and chopped. Chopped green onions.

  2. Put chopped green onion, salt, chicken essence, soy sauce, cooking wine, white pepper, egg, shiitake mushrooms, onion ginger water and pour into the pork stuffing and mix well. Pay attention to the onion and ginger water, and the cooked stuffing will not dry. I usually have a bowl of pure meat and a bowl of water. Don't be afraid of water, it won't be thin if you hit it hard.

  3. You can pack it with the bought suede. After boiling in the boiling pot, simmer for three minutes. Cover for 1 minute and open for 2 minutes.

  4. Put salt, chicken, shrimp, white pepper in the bowl, or put chili oil, parsley, and seaweed. Put the cooked Qilian soup in a bowl.


Today, 150g of meat, bought a piece of 5 suede, just finished. I have half of the baby and my baby after eating a meal. But we don't have much to eat.

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