Recipe: Pork ribs with potato noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork ribs with potato noodles


I can't buy any special ingredients and seasonings in South America. I really want to eat Chinese food. I can only look at the supermarket goods. This noodle can be made anywhere.



  1. Cold water pot, boiled with ribs and a piece of ginger. Cook and turn to a low heat and cook for another 10 minutes. Remove the white foam, pick up the ribs and dry them with kitchen paper, and keep the soup.

  2. Pour the right amount of soy sauce and rice wine into a bowl, and put a bowl of soup around, and pour the soup into the ribs. Add a piece of ginger, an octagonal two-leaf fragrant leaves, and boil.

  3. Hot pot hot oil, under the garlic slices, turn to a small fire, then three teaspoons of sugar, stir well and then simmer slowly. After frying on both sides, pour the ribs soup mixed with soy sauce and wine, cover and boil, then turn to low heat and stew for half an hour.

  4. Put another pot of boiling water and put the noodles. At the same time, add beans and potatoes to the ribs, adjust the position of the ribs to ensure even heat.

  5. When the noodles are half-cooked and the ribs soup is thick, the noodles are all picked up and placed on the ribs, and the lid is covered with a small fire. Turn off the fire and mix.

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