Recipe: Pork ribs soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork ribs soup


The radish in the fall is the best, the ginseng ginseng ginseng. Use ribs radish and a little medicinal herbs to simmer a large pot of soup and taste it in the cool air of autumn. How happy. This time, I used a cast iron pot to drip, the meat is tender and fresh, so delicious~



  1. The ribs are taken out of the water, rinsed with cold water, and placed in a cast iron pan. White radish peeled and diced, sweet potato peeled and diced

  2. Add appropriate amount of water, add ginger slices, scallions, red dates, angelica, cordyceps, sweet potatoes, white radish pieces, pour a little yellow wine, boil over low heat, simmer for 2 hours or so on low heat,

  3. Finally, add the right amount of salt according to your taste.


No medicinal materials can be added, and the taste is just as delicious.

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