Recipe: Pork ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: Pork ribs


The special taste of the big mustard soup, boiled, fried, so delicious! Good ribs can be used to stew a good soup.



  1. The ribs are poured into cold water, boiled and then simmered, and simmered for less than half an hour.

  2. Put ginger slices and cooking wine during the period to remove the aroma

  3. Pork ribs soup seasoned with salt, not salty

  4. Large mustard leaves to leave stems, oblique knife into large pieces

  5. Put in the ribs soup and cook until you like the softness you want.


Stewed pork ribs can be more water, such as evaporation, need to be added; if you want to keep the mustard green, you can not stew for a long time. Ordinary cooking pots can be opened at any time to observe the situation.

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